Minnesota Flag Redesign


Minnesota is now undergoing a flag and seal redesign process and accepting submissions. 

After years of advocating for this process by calling up lawmakers, talking to friends, family, and everyone who would listen, I've designed my own entry and sent it to the Minnesota Emblems Redesign Commission.

1. The abundance of the color blue calls to the waters of the many lakes in Minnesota.

2. Gradating colors represent the varying communities in our state, all of whom have made Minnesota what it is today.

3. The flag’s shape is a visual callback to the state’s uniquely recognizable border.

4. The largest and darkest section represents the beautiful Minnesota night sky and hosts a shining North Star, echoing our state motto “L'étoile du Nord”, the Star of the North. The star’s white color represents the plentiful snow and ice our state is known for in the winter.

5. The flag’s three partitions call to the many rivers streaming throughout our state, perhaps most notably to the St. Croix, Minnesota, and Mississippi rivers.