Memorial of Kontea’s Killed and Missing

Logo Design
Identity Design

The Memorial of Kontea's Killed and Missing is a powerful tribute to nine individuals who lost their lives during the Turkish occupation of Cyprus. The memorial, which is currently under development, seeks to honor the memory of these individuals while also providing hope for the future.

I designed a brand identity for the memorial, which includes a logo that symbolically represents both a tree and a well. The tree symbolizes the hope and renewal that the memorial represents, while the well serves as a reminder of the tragedy that occurred and the search for closure and healing.

In addition to the logo, the brand identity includes a series of nine distinct audio waveforms, each representing one of the individuals who were killed. This graphic element serves to emphasize the importance of remembering and sharing their stories, so that their legacy may live on. The audio waveforms can also be shifted vertically to create an invisible grid layout system. This work was done on-spec and went unchosen.