Logo Design
Identity Design

HealthyLine is an industry leader in heated mats and other wearable wellness-centric technology. As a designer at the Sasha Group, I led the project to reimagine their brand from the ground up.

Inspired by the calming ritual of stacking stones, their logo aims to set the tone with its softness and zen-like feel, while also abstractly forming the letter H.

Much of the identity seeks to embody the strategy surrounding the idea of “making room to breathe”, and does so with a strict layout system that requires at least 50% of the space to be empty. Graphic elements we call “stones” are pushed to the side of the layouts, to represent the act of selective attention on what really matters: your health.

Lead Design: Joseph Hillenbrand
Creative Direction: Chris Logsdon, Andrew Grief
Motion Design: Joseph Hillenbrand
Copywriting: Brian Beise