Logo Design
Identity Design

Angelo is my middle name, and also what I named this conceptual restaurant after. Drawing inspiration from my Tuscan ancestry, Angelo's identity is centered around the concept of personality over perfection.

The broken-tile-inspired shapes seek to reinforce that thought and add a touch of charm to the restaurant's otherwise straight-faced aesthetic. Even the typography takes on the form of these shapes, making every touchpoint a unique reading experience that immerses you in the restaurant's identity.

Before I fell in love with design, I was first enamored with film. Guillermo del Toro is one of my favorite directors, and much of the identity is inspired by the feeling I get when watching his movies; from the angular, rough elements to the color palette of cyan and amber that permeates his filmography.

The custom wordmark seen throughout is balanced, but intentionally inconsistent at times as well, encapsulating the core theme of something that’s cracked and chipped, but still beautiful.